Friday, May 27, 2011

Visit from Caitlin

Jackson and I were so blessed this past week to have my dear friend, since 6th grade, come and visit us in San Diego. Caitlin was accepted into the UW's program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and will begin this June, but has been an acitve RN in the San Francisco area for the past 4 years. Before starting classes in Seattle next month, she made the time to visit Jackson and I and Jackson and I were so blessed with her visit! Unfortunately, Jackson came down with Hand-Foot-and-Mouth-Disease this week (a virus with high fevers and blisters in the mouth, hands and feet) so Caitlin and I dosed him up with Motrin and Tylenol and wrapped him up in a blanket in the stroller and did all of the stuff we planned to do anyways. We got a sitter one night and saw Bridesmaids (HILARIOUS!!!) and had sushi. She was a huge help with Jackson and I think the most amazing part of the visit, the part I wasn't expecting, was her appreciation for all that I do. She was amazed at how much work it is to be a mom and take care of a house and it felt great to know that it's not all just in my head :) She was encouraging to me and loving to Jackson and he fell madly in love with his Auntie Cait-Cait, and why wouldn't he? It was a lovely week and ten times whatever I was expecting. We wish you the beset Caitlin! See you in Seattle soon. XOXOXO
Girls-Night Out with Sushi at Valentino's- YUMMMM.

At the Del Coronado.


Enjoying Mexican food in Old Town.


Cristan said...

So glad you had such a great visit! Valentinos is amazing. One of my favorite little CV spots! :)

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Hoe said...

You must have a lot to share with your friend! Nice to have friends from childhood visiting.

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Brittany Brines said...

Don't you just love seeing friends you haven't seen in a while. It is great. THat is something I struggle with and I share here in my blog. We just recently moved, so it's been tough, but good. :)

Isd S said...

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Mebel Jepara said...

families a very happy and harmonious, i was impressed

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